Vasudha was a middle-aged mother who adored her young college going daughter. Her daughter, just like herself, was always into various activities and so, Vasudha would often pick her up from the busy station if it got really late for her daughter while returning during college events.

It was the day of the college fest and Vasudha knew she needs to be at the railway station by 11pm to pick up her loving daughter. She was waiting on Platform no.1 which was almost empty, with only a few trains’ updates appearing on the indication board. Gradually, she grew worried of how her daughter would travel and reach the station safely.

In sometime, two old women beggars came on the platform, saw Vasudha and requested her to stand aside as the place where she was standing was their usual place of dinner and rest. Without questioning them, Vasudha stepped aside and stared at them with curiosity.

These two elderly women had a few, huge plastic bags with them. From it, they removed a big mat, which was little torn and spread it down to sit. Then they started opening the day’s collection of food, money, clothes, and to my surprise they received some accessories too. Vasudha smiled to herself when she saw that among the food collected, there were even a few chocolate bars for dessert. Both these women were chatting in their local language and laughing like the world didn’t matter and no worries to succumb their thoughts.

Looking at their situation and their way of life they had a lot more to accomplish and many more responsibilities to fulfil, but there they were, enjoying their lively banter, chatting away without any care. Was there any logic in this? There clearly wasn’t but that’s when Vasudha realised that when you are in a moment of happiness, flowing through time, and you don’t find any logical reason for your giggles, people may call it fun-o-logy ie. fun without logic because happiness is something that you can always vibe in.

In this context I want you to ask yourself why do you need to FIND a reason to be happy?

Many times people are stuck up in the disturbing day-to-day city traffic and to worsen the situation, they relieve their pent-up stress by yelling or cursing others. These people cursed upon, try to go against somebody else in order to bust their stress. How about instead of creating a chain reaction of people stressing out, you take a phone and talk to an old friend or a distant relative and relive fun-o-logy? Share smiles and talk about memories without any reason. It is not necessary to always be acquainted with logic anyway.

At times for a homemaker, if a maid is absent, the day goes for a toss. Why not put on some beautiful music and try to indulge in housework with fancy-dancing and create fun-o-logy?

Studies, exams and gadgets make the students’ life miserable. So try and take one day every week and spend time with nature. Have one to one conversation with grandparents, visit an old Library and have fun without technology – fun-o-logy.

Vasudha’s thoughts hung up when her daughter reached out to her and embraced her and telling her about the fun-o-logy moments of the day, on the way back home.

At the end of the day it is always better to believe in yourself.


– Vaishali Pathare

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