Cool winter morning glazes her face to get her back from a midnight dream into her own reality. She wakes up, frustrated of having to start her mundane routine.

“It is only after having her favourite masala tea, that she actually gets hyped up”, says Day.

“Reading the newspaper and listening to her all time favourite songs on the radio gets her into a truly blissful mood”, chimes in the Roses as they bask in all the sun sitting in their pots on her window looking at her dance in the kitchen.

That is Vaani that they are talking about but Vaani doesn’t realise that. After a few songs she moves towards getting ready for the day. Her tremendously busy lifestyle forces her to be ahead of her times and neglect the everyday, little things, just like everyone else. In the middle of all her hustle, Vaani pauses to seek an instant rejuvenation and turns to her phone.

“I thought maybe today she would actually focus on me”, says Food who was sitting on her table.

Vaani gets up from her chair and while skimming through her emails, she suddenly freezes for a moment, disturbed over something. She makes a few calls, has a few arguments and then, sits back on her couch, dejected, her phone flung over on the centre-table.

“Maybe its just one of those days when things go wrong”, say the Roses.

Vaani’s Cat senses her mood and jumps up on the couch. “Cuddles!”, she meows to Vaani.

Vaani looks up, thinks for a while and then decides to pet her cat. ‘It can be a bad day at work but not a bad life’, thinks Vaani as she spoons her cat in her arms. Her cat purrs in response.

Vaani gets up, with her cat and notices the untouched food on her table. She walks over and takes a bite and thinks – this is actually quite delicious! How did I not eat that?. She tends to forget her distress and instead, focuses on relishing the food.

She notices the roses and realises that she didn’t water them and so, she scoots over to the plants and tends them, enjoying all her time.

She’s gazing out of her window when she suddenly gets a call from a long distance friend.

“Hey Ananya, how are you?”

“Im great Vaani! I’ve been waiting for your call but you didn’t, so I called up instead!”

“Why were you waiting up for my call? Why would I call you?”, asks a confused Vaani.

“Well, because it was my birthday, so I thought maybe you forgot and that I should remind you.”

“Oh, happy birthday Ananya! Im so sorry I-”

“Thanks Vaani..”, interrupts Ananya, giggling, “but it was two days ago.”

Vaani gives away an embarrassing laugh but the conversation moves up ahead, bringing the two distanced pals, closer. They talk and talk and reminisce over their younger days. The house is filled up with Vaani’s loud laughter as Ananya reminds her of the days when they went to school with funny braids.

Vaani gets so overwhelmed in the moment that she forgets how low she was a few minutes ago. In such a blissful moment, there are no deadlines, no hustle or stress. There’s only the sound of peace that the nature vibes with you.

The talk finally ended and Vaani took a long sigh, still smiling from the recent phone call.  She then decides to skip work and clutter her room with long lost photographs, memories and diaries. She plays with her cat while she cleans up her house.

As she sips her evening coffee, sitting down with her favourite novel, she looks at the horizon and thinks to herself how it was such a great day and that, a lazy day can be blissful too.

At that instant, she knew that she believes in the morning glory, she believes in the lovely roses, she believes in the powerful new day and now, she even believes in herself.


– Vaishali Pathare


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