Joy of Magic

Just recently Vidhi and Jay got married and just like all the newly wed brides, Vidhi had her own dream and excitement on how Jay would share his life with her. Not quite after, one Sunday morning, out of his daily routine, Jay asked Vidhi to join him for a magic show in the afternoon. It rather came out as a surprise, more like a shock for Vidhi as, with the rise of concert and stand-up comedy culture, no one preferred to watch magic shows anymore. However, harbouring all mixed feelings and confusing thoughts, she decided to go ahead nevertheless.

At the magic show, before the performance even began, Vidhi saw around her children, with twinkling eyes and senior citizens, searching for entertainment in their lives but no one her age. Presumably, she  was unaware of some of the most unusual moments awaiting her. 

The magic show began and surprisingly, she found herself enjoying. For every trick the magician performed, Jay had the perfect explanation of the illusion. He would talk in short whispers in her ears and she would look at him and admire the lovely blink in his eyes filled up with wonder. Laughter followed every single time after the revelation of Jay’s little facts and the weird looks that Jay gave to the magician after every mindless tricks, made Vidhi crack up with giggles. She felt herself melt away in his talks and all she could feel around her was joy. 

“Maybe this is the ‘Joy of Magic’- the joy in the magic-filled moments of life. Jay was the reason for Vidhi’s shine and smile and what more magic could she ask for? It was a new life for her, full of surprises and magic tricks. She was spell-bound by him and it was at that moment that she knew that Jay was a man who had a solution and an explanation of every illusion that their marriage could play on them and she knew that the way out was purely through love.

At that moment, Jay looked at her and said-

‘Just relax, I want you to enjoy and remember every moment.’


– Vaishali Pathare

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