Summer Chiller

When all are vocal about Global warming & Mother Earth is getting hotter day-by-day and here comes the Summer to top it all up…..

Why is there so much hype about Summer I mean…

come on!!!

I remember in my childhood, we used to eagerly wait for summer vacations….

It was phenomenal, playful, more of eating delicacies, more of family time, more time to relax and just “chill”…

Chill, Relax like a summer chiller… for giving yourself a peaceful moment, soothing and to make yourself realise each breath of life

When a friend says to her bestie that talking with you for a while makes me super energetic….its cool as a Summer Chiller….

When a soulmate whose bright, shiny, expressive eyes expresses the promise to stay together …its cool as a Summer Chiller…

A dream which gives motivation to get up early every morning…..

A soul driven to live each day as it is never going to return again….

Just enjoy summer chiller & relax!!!


– Vaishali Pathare

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