Book Review: Like The Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Spirituality, Healing

“The landscape changes, so make the most of it.”

In a world full of novels, short stories are generally considered as underrated crafts of literature. However, Like The Flowing River has always been all praise and wisdom.

Paulo Coelho writing a book on his thoughts and reflections has been the most enchanting experience ever. Like The Flowing River, with its many short stories, sweep you into a world where miracles are reality and wisdom is sunshine. It consists of tales from his life that are full of philosophies, legends and journeys, always brimming with hope and optimism. 

His personal tales are proof of his raw clairvoyant heart and inspiring, thought-provoking philosophies. The legends and stories, that he has collected from around the world, are full of quaint morals and uplifting emotions. He brings the world of spiritualism to life through this book, which ticks all the boxes of a fantastic, light-hearted read, that can give you all the love that you have been searching for yourself and more.

Lastly, I’m going to keep this short, because if one thing that Like The Flowing River has taught me, is that short and stout endearing writings are significantly more powerful than any long, interminable prose.

A handful of my favourite quotes:

  1. At the moment, my life is a symphony composed of three distinct movements: ‘a lot of people’, ‘a few people’ and ‘almost no one’.
  2. Perhaps I’m giving too much thought to things that have less to do with thought and more to do with action.
  3. …when something undesirable grows in my soul, I ask God to give me the same courage mercilessly to pluck it out.
  4. An action is a thought made manifest.
  5. Any action committed in anger is an action doomed to failure.
  6. We will forget that each centimetre of earth has its mysteries that only the patent hand of the gardener can decipher.
  7. The fool who loves giving advice on our garden never tends his own plants at all.
  8. We each of us have our personal legend to fulfil and that is all.
  9. I simply believe that a book has its own journey to make, and should not be condemned to being stuck on a shelf.
  10. This means that the book has travelled just as its author’s mind travelled while he was writing it.
  11. It was such an intense experience that I lost all fear, and afterwards saw death as my daily companion.
  12. …because all of us, sooner or later, are going to die. And only those who accept this fact are prepared for life.
  13. Sometimes the world asks us to fight for things we do not understand and whose significance we will never discover.
  14. Love creates bridges where it would seem impossible.
  15. In the soul of man is the soul of the world, the silence of wisdom.

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