On A Static Moment

Today morning with a hot brewing cup of coffee,

The aromatic coffee beans,

The moment got still,

 And I found you…

                       Juggling between my economics lecture and music class,

                       Adjusting the chord of my guitar, also learning the

                       Definition of credits, the moment got still,

                       And I found you…

    Looking at the long happening crowd rushing towards the ongoing sale,

    At the high end outlets. Then looking towards the queue of poor small

    Children outside temple waiting for their turn for prashad

     The moment got still,

     And I found you…        

                   The tired surrounding of Corporate, the race to lead ahead of all,

                   Time and of everything,

                   The taste of a small bite of Mom’s home cooked food,

                   The moment got still,

                   And I found you…

  On an overloaded working day, an bright sunny afternoon,

On the way back home it started raining.

With a still moment,

   I found you…

             From school to college to start up business I keep having friends,

             Sometime more, sometime less,

             Some for work and some for emotions,

             With every time friends around, 

             The moment got still, 

             And I found you…

    Making a drool worthy Italian, Chinese varieties for dearly children,

    To going back to cooking our very owned traditional authentic delicacy,

    The moment got still,

    And I found you…

          By trekking trips to spiritual visits, 

          And attending bright happy weddings,

          To a simple walk by sea,

 The moment got still,

And I found you…

Yes, YOU, was always in me,

Lying deep inside me, MY HAPPINESS,

In all my flowing and still moments,

Through life- I found happiness.


– Vaishali Pathare

Summer Chiller

When all are vocal about Global warming & Mother Earth is getting hotter day-by-day and here comes the Summer to top it all up…..

Why is there so much hype about Summer I mean…

come on!!!

I remember in my childhood, we used to eagerly wait for summer vacations….

It was phenomenal, playful, more of eating delicacies, more of family time, more time to relax and just “chill”…

Chill, Relax like a summer chiller… for giving yourself a peaceful moment, soothing and to make yourself realise each breath of life

When a friend says to her bestie that talking with you for a while makes me super energetic….its cool as a Summer Chiller….

When a soulmate whose bright, shiny, expressive eyes expresses the promise to stay together …its cool as a Summer Chiller…

A dream which gives motivation to get up early every morning…..

A soul driven to live each day as it is never going to return again….

Just enjoy summer chiller & relax!!!


– Vaishali Pathare

Joy of Magic

Just recently Vidhi and Jay got married and just like all the newly wed brides, Vidhi had her own dream and excitement on how Jay would share his life with her. Not quite after, one Sunday morning, out of his daily routine, Jay asked Vidhi to join him for a magic show in the afternoon. It rather came out as a surprise, more like a shock for Vidhi as, with the rise of concert and stand-up comedy culture, no one preferred to watch magic shows anymore. However, harbouring all mixed feelings and confusing thoughts, she decided to go ahead nevertheless.

At the magic show, before the performance even began, Vidhi saw around her children, with twinkling eyes and senior citizens, searching for entertainment in their lives but no one her age. Presumably, she  was unaware of some of the most unusual moments awaiting her. 

The magic show began and surprisingly, she found herself enjoying. For every trick the magician performed, Jay had the perfect explanation of the illusion. He would talk in short whispers in her ears and she would look at him and admire the lovely blink in his eyes filled up with wonder. Laughter followed every single time after the revelation of Jay’s little facts and the weird looks that Jay gave to the magician after every mindless tricks, made Vidhi crack up with giggles. She felt herself melt away in his talks and all she could feel around her was joy. 

“Maybe this is the ‘Joy of Magic’- the joy in the magic-filled moments of life. Jay was the reason for Vidhi’s shine and smile and what more magic could she ask for? It was a new life for her, full of surprises and magic tricks. She was spell-bound by him and it was at that moment that she knew that Jay was a man who had a solution and an explanation of every illusion that their marriage could play on them and she knew that the way out was purely through love.

At that moment, Jay looked at her and said-

‘Just relax, I want you to enjoy and remember every moment.’


– Vaishali Pathare


Cool winter morning glazes her face to get her back from a midnight dream into her own reality. She wakes up, frustrated of having to start her mundane routine.

“It is only after having her favourite masala tea, that she actually gets hyped up”, says Day.

“Reading the newspaper and listening to her all time favourite songs on the radio gets her into a truly blissful mood”, chimes in the Roses as they bask in all the sun sitting in their pots on her window looking at her dance in the kitchen.

That is Vaani that they are talking about but Vaani doesn’t realise that. After a few songs she moves towards getting ready for the day. Her tremendously busy lifestyle forces her to be ahead of her times and neglect the everyday, little things, just like everyone else. In the middle of all her hustle, Vaani pauses to seek an instant rejuvenation and turns to her phone.

“I thought maybe today she would actually focus on me”, says Food who was sitting on her table.

Vaani gets up from her chair and while skimming through her emails, she suddenly freezes for a moment, disturbed over something. She makes a few calls, has a few arguments and then, sits back on her couch, dejected, her phone flung over on the centre-table.

“Maybe its just one of those days when things go wrong”, say the Roses.

Vaani’s Cat senses her mood and jumps up on the couch. “Cuddles!”, she meows to Vaani.

Vaani looks up, thinks for a while and then decides to pet her cat. ‘It can be a bad day at work but not a bad life’, thinks Vaani as she spoons her cat in her arms. Her cat purrs in response.

Vaani gets up, with her cat and notices the untouched food on her table. She walks over and takes a bite and thinks – this is actually quite delicious! How did I not eat that?. She tends to forget her distress and instead, focuses on relishing the food.

She notices the roses and realises that she didn’t water them and so, she scoots over to the plants and tends them, enjoying all her time.

She’s gazing out of her window when she suddenly gets a call from a long distance friend.

“Hey Ananya, how are you?”

“Im great Vaani! I’ve been waiting for your call but you didn’t, so I called up instead!”

“Why were you waiting up for my call? Why would I call you?”, asks a confused Vaani.

“Well, because it was my birthday, so I thought maybe you forgot and that I should remind you.”

“Oh, happy birthday Ananya! Im so sorry I-”

“Thanks Vaani..”, interrupts Ananya, giggling, “but it was two days ago.”

Vaani gives away an embarrassing laugh but the conversation moves up ahead, bringing the two distanced pals, closer. They talk and talk and reminisce over their younger days. The house is filled up with Vaani’s loud laughter as Ananya reminds her of the days when they went to school with funny braids.

Vaani gets so overwhelmed in the moment that she forgets how low she was a few minutes ago. In such a blissful moment, there are no deadlines, no hustle or stress. There’s only the sound of peace that the nature vibes with you.

The talk finally ended and Vaani took a long sigh, still smiling from the recent phone call.  She then decides to skip work and clutter her room with long lost photographs, memories and diaries. She plays with her cat while she cleans up her house.

As she sips her evening coffee, sitting down with her favourite novel, she looks at the horizon and thinks to herself how it was such a great day and that, a lazy day can be blissful too.

At that instant, she knew that she believes in the morning glory, she believes in the lovely roses, she believes in the powerful new day and now, she even believes in herself.


– Vaishali Pathare


Diwali Treats

In a small town of Maharashtra, Janaki, a traditional yet modern homemaker, lived a simple and quotidian middle class life. Janaki was the third and the youngest daughter to her parents and lived in the same city, happily taking care of two homes, her own and that of her old parents’, giving everyone great care and never fidgeting to share a smile.

But during the months that followed, everything became different.

Her father left them and her mother faced loneliness. Her mother had to choose whether she could stay with one of her children’s family or in her own lonesome home. Janaki would often suggest her mother to make herself busy or have more friends around in the locality. She would primarily insist her to indulge in things that made her happy. Janaki was persuaded by her mother not to worry and was already busy into many social activities, various family gatherings and was still very playful with her grandchildren. However, Janaki saw her mother with a spurious smile and wished for that spark in her laughter that wasn’t seen anymore.

Days passed and then came the most awaited festival – Diwali. This is the festival that every Indian celebrates with full enthusiasm, devotion, love and care.

In Janaki’s family, the women of the house would gather at her mother’s home, every year, to prepare the Diwali Treats, that are also called as farall. As the Laddoo, Karanji and Shankarpalli, required lot of efforts, it would be efficient to have a few extra helping hands and finish the things early. Thus, just like every year, her mother was very glad to welcome everyone, guiding them with all the necessary requirements and chatting with their cook, Kamla between laughing out loud at some humour.

Janaki noticed a few times during the day that her mother was very comfortable and endlessly talked with Kamla, who was their regular cook since the last four years. Kamla was a neat, 5th grade educated lady, doing job as a cook in different homes. Right from greeting her mother to sharing her health issues with her, from asking her about the well being of her children to offering favourite ginger tea to her, Kamla now took a lot of care of Janaki’s mother at the time of her few hours’ work. With their never ending stories from newspaper update to society gossip, mother was unstoppable. Janaki was surprised to see this wonderful change in her mother and was very happy to finally see that lit-up spark on her face.

Really, friendship has no boundaries.

Janaki, sitting down with her dear cousins preparing the diwali treats, sensed how the treats were analogous to the principles of a good friendship.

A true friendship is as sweet as a Laddoo, little spicy & crispy like Chakli, and very supportive just like the way a Karanji holds its filling to enhance the taste. Friendships do shape up in various size over time just like sweet & namkeen Shankarpalli to give us the fulfilment of life and to make us realise the beauty of having good people to eat good food around us.

Diwali Treats are prepared only during this auspicious festival of lights; to brighten our lives and also to give us a beautiful reminder that friendship is a mixture of delicious Chivda where anything from different tastes, blends together to enhance, cherish the moment and relish its taste till the next festive season. A beautiful and supportive friendship is truly the need of the hour.

Janaki smiled to herself while her cousins kept the mood lighter with their funny banter and it was at that very moment Janaki knew that the world could be a better place if you just believed in yourself.


– Vaishali Pathare


Vasudha was a middle-aged mother who adored her young college going daughter. Her daughter, just like herself, was always into various activities and so, Vasudha would often pick her up from the busy station if it got really late for her daughter while returning during college events.

It was the day of the college fest and Vasudha knew she needs to be at the railway station by 11pm to pick up her loving daughter. She was waiting on Platform no.1 which was almost empty, with only a few trains’ updates appearing on the indication board. Gradually, she grew worried of how her daughter would travel and reach the station safely.

In sometime, two old women beggars came on the platform, saw Vasudha and requested her to stand aside as the place where she was standing was their usual place of dinner and rest. Without questioning them, Vasudha stepped aside and stared at them with curiosity.

These two elderly women had a few, huge plastic bags with them. From it, they removed a big mat, which was little torn and spread it down to sit. Then they started opening the day’s collection of food, money, clothes, and to my surprise they received some accessories too. Vasudha smiled to herself when she saw that among the food collected, there were even a few chocolate bars for dessert. Both these women were chatting in their local language and laughing like the world didn’t matter and no worries to succumb their thoughts.

Looking at their situation and their way of life they had a lot more to accomplish and many more responsibilities to fulfil, but there they were, enjoying their lively banter, chatting away without any care. Was there any logic in this? There clearly wasn’t but that’s when Vasudha realised that when you are in a moment of happiness, flowing through time, and you don’t find any logical reason for your giggles, people may call it fun-o-logy ie. fun without logic because happiness is something that you can always vibe in.

In this context I want you to ask yourself why do you need to FIND a reason to be happy?

Many times people are stuck up in the disturbing day-to-day city traffic and to worsen the situation, they relieve their pent-up stress by yelling or cursing others. These people cursed upon, try to go against somebody else in order to bust their stress. How about instead of creating a chain reaction of people stressing out, you take a phone and talk to an old friend or a distant relative and relive fun-o-logy? Share smiles and talk about memories without any reason. It is not necessary to always be acquainted with logic anyway.

At times for a homemaker, if a maid is absent, the day goes for a toss. Why not put on some beautiful music and try to indulge in housework with fancy-dancing and create fun-o-logy?

Studies, exams and gadgets make the students’ life miserable. So try and take one day every week and spend time with nature. Have one to one conversation with grandparents, visit an old Library and have fun without technology – fun-o-logy.

Vasudha’s thoughts hung up when her daughter reached out to her and embraced her and telling her about the fun-o-logy moments of the day, on the way back home.

At the end of the day it is always better to believe in yourself.


– Vaishali Pathare

In Search of Hope

Epiphany – a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.

“Stop it! I’m done with myself.”

I knew I had messed up. I was engulfed in ‘What ifs’ and ‘If onlys’ and I just didn’t want to see tomorrow.

I never knew that thoughts were a pure form of powerful vibes that could hold enough energy to manipulate our hearts, until today. My train of thoughts, got a little derailed when I sat on my bathroom floor with two things in front of me – a blade and a phenyle.

I was suddenly blackened out, and a few voices emerged.

“Stop!” a voice said. I didn’t even look up.

“Stop! Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen to you while I’m here! I just want to try and make you believe that you’re important”, she said and I didn’t want to believe her.

“Hey, come on! You don’t want to do this.. Let me help you out in making you a brand new version of yourself”, said another voice.

Why are they even trying to find a soul in a dead person? Why does it matter to them?

“Come with us”, they finally said. As I looked up at them with perplexity, they continued-

“I’m Faith, by the way, and I have to make you believe in yourself. Oh, and this is Conscience, she knows much more about you than you actually do. Stop underestimating yourself. We tried bringing Optimism with us but she got lost on the way. Come with us, we need your help. We cannot find Optimism without Hope.”